Lüneburg yesterday and today – the sightseeing tour


We will accompany you through our medieval town, which is almost fully preserved. The story of our lively town began over thousand years ago. Salt mining played a major role in the development of Lüneburg. During the middle ages the “white gold” made the hanseatic town wealthy. The prosperity of this era is reflected in the gothic gables of many houses where the merchants and their families used to live. Tour with us through the different districts and see how the patricians, the craftsmen and the servants lived. Experience the spirit of Lüneburg yesterday and also today.  


Group rates (incl. VAT)

1,5 h

2 hrs

bis 5 Personen



6 bis 25 Personen




Surcharge for a guided tour in an original medieval costume: 20 € incl. VAT. 



Culinary Tours in Lüneburg


It is hard to believe that Lüneburg tops the list of cities with the highest concentration of bars in Germany and even triumphs in the European rankings, coming just behind Madrid. 


Explore Lüneburg’s nightlife scene on our pub cawls: . 


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